Our online catalog

We have been working really hard to get our samples ready because everyone seems to want to select their items earlier and earlier. Normally end of March and April are the moments with the Canton Fair being the apotheosis. But there most likely won’t be a physical fair this season and selecting is a bit more complex because of that so we have pushed our catalogue back as we could. We are now in the process of making the online catalogue, a system we tried for the first time last season with good results. Customers get a log in, they can browse the products on their phone, ipad or laptop with ease, zoom in and ask our sales staff for help when needed. To make all the pictures in a good way to show the features of each item is not easy and we always try to add some atmosphere pictures to give a better idea of the dimension of each item and the way they can be combined. The studio becomes a big photo set and all kinds of props are assembled to make each picture look special. A crazy feat but very nice to do. We will share some behind the scenes pictures of our photo shoot on social media.

Our catalog

Feel free to get in touch with us if you're interested to see our catalogs.