More Online Canton Fair – behind the scenes – What’s next?

Our days are filled with online broadcasts. We are participating in the Online Canton Fair and so far we have gotten a number of serious leads out of it. It works as follows, he have a number of items for visitors to see regardless of the times they stop by, like a showcase but the real action happens during the live videos where we present our latest items to the customers who join in these meetings. It’s a bit like Tell Sell, but more serious of course. We try to show all the angles of the items carefully so customers have a good understanding of the item and we can measure, weight and tell color number right there and then. We try to cross the bridge between continents and make up for the fact that buyers can’t meet use in the flesh. Because often touching means easier decision making.

We have set up quite a studio in our company and we feel like newscasters every day. Bringing the news of our new products. It’s cool to do and all the sales people enjoy the recording – an online star, if only for a day. We are trying to learn how to improve things, how to make things easier for the viewers and also how to get more viewers to watch our shows, because in the end it’s basically the same like an actual booth, you never know who is dropping in.


And what’s next? Obviously we are going work on the new collections keeping our items updated with the latest trends and materials, we are already looking at the latest trend forecasts and sourcing new materials. But also from a communications point of view and sales point of view we need to advance. What these times have taught us is that although there are difficulties when reaching out to customers and potentials, there are many ways to find solutions. For starters we have made a completely new website with some hidden features we will roll out over the coming year. Something which was on the planning for a long time but we never quite got to do (as many of you will recognize I’m sure). We have invested in some company videos and will keep doing so and also very importantly (because this is probably why you can read this) we started actively to participate on the various social platforms. Its still a long way to go but we learn every day. Nothing gives a rush as getting a bunch of likes or replies to something you just posted so please keep m coming!