Never too old to learn!

Everybody plays an important role in an organization. From our design team, sales team to our managers, together we all play our role. So it is very important to stay up-to-date and follow courses and training to better ourselves. This time it was the turn for our management to go on a trip.

This time the training focused on ‘The management of the mind’. People often say that ‘Health management’ and ‘Management of intelligence’ is very important. We can achieve this by relaxing on time, doing yoga and exercise and reading, studying and keeping up on new developments. Something few people realize is that we also need to look at ‘Management of the heart’ something that is equally important."

“ ..however, just like checking and maintaining the body on a daily basis, it is often necessary to "cultivate the mind". This matter cannot be forgotten.——Inamori Kazuo

 Our company management attended the Ningbo Shenghe School's 706 "Six Intensive Advancement" seminar from 29, to 31 October. During this three-day course, we focused on the heart. There were many seminars and workshops and we worked hard, looked into ourselves and tried to see what blessings we have in our lives today, and thought about how we could share these with others. One of the cool things we did was visit a nursing home for the elderly and performed some self-made shows for them. We brought some happiness to their day which in return filled our hearts.

The trainer also asked us to go outside and share our happy thoughts with people working in the street. From street cleaners to construction workers, we communicated with them, thanked them for their hard work, and - when they allowed us – we hugged them with spontaneous laughter and happiness as a result.

 The "Six Diligence" seminars we followed made us feel the power of Inamori's philosophy in a simple and profound way. The teachers and volunteers exemplified the "Six Diligence" cases. Although there are only three days, each of us has gained a lot of knowledge and experience. We were full of energy and new ideas when we returned to the office.