We built a Live Broadcast room!

We have set up quite a studio in our company and we feel like newscasters every day. Bringing the news of our new products. It’s cool to do and all the sales people enjoy the recording – an online star, if only for a day. We are trying to learn how to improve things, how to make things easier for the viewers and also how to get more viewers to watch our shows, because in the end it’s basically the same like an actual booth, you never know who is dropping in.

Above makes it seem trivial, but all this take a LOT of preparation. We had to create a professional website optimised to the buyers perspective. The website has the products that we were showcasing during the show and were available for purchase right away. We optimised all the product descriptions for them to be on point with our buyers’ expectations.
We built a Live Broadcast room in our Showroom. This was a lot of work: we set up professional lighting, cameras and sound equipment. We also created product display sets that showcased the products in an attractive way. When ShowTime arrived, of course our anchors were dressed to the nines to represent our company best as they can.

We had 2, 30 minute broadcasts each day: an afternoon session and a night session. 30 minutes might seem short, but it does take a lot of energy when you’re giving it your all to create a prime experience.

In the end, this was an interesting adventure that which brought us together and made us stronger. It took a lot of effort, we learned a lot of new things, and met loads of new contacts. Together we were able to make this to a success!