Whats New – Whats Good

It’s a very exciting moment at the moment. It seems that the world is starting to spin again. Customers are calling to order and consumers are looking for products to decorate their homes. And although the logistics crisis is far from over, we are slowly moving to business as usual. In earlier posts we already told you how we normally work to design our new items and visits to fairs and exhibitions and following the trends are a big part of it. We would like to share some trends with you this time we are interested in and want to work with.

Bouclé fabrics

The whole velvet explosion we saw in last couple of years is starting to cool down. The material is still being used and variations in color, texture and application are still being made, just because the material is reasonably cheap and easy to use. But the real star of commercial upholstery is the bouclé fabric. Derived from the French word meaning “curled” or “ringed,” bouclé refers to a yarn, made from a series of looped fiber. Wool is the most common fiber to undergo this technique, though cotton, linen, and silk are also used (source: Wikipedia). A nice warm, comfortable and vintage look is achieved with this material and the furniture just gets this high end look. We are testing some different qualities and colors now.

New furniture shapes

We have been to Milan, well at least our designers did and it was a great event with lots of new ideas. One of the things we noticed were the accent furniture pieces with darker wood color, reminiscent of 1920’ies styles. Table tops, legs and chair/ pouf legs all in dark brown. Another thing we (still) saw a lot were the heavier legs under poufs, stools, coffee tables and dining tables. This trend seems to go commercial and the results are nice and interesting to use. Another thing that is getting very big are the square stools and poufs with rounded edges. The item gets a very retro look using this small but important accent. Nice with a contrasting piping.

Focus on precious materials

Perhaps not the trend we are waiting for now the shipping prices go crazy but we see a trend in the use of nicer and more precious materials. Our smaller home decoration items are increasingly using nice materials like real marble, real crystal, black, brown and green marble and agate. It seems that the trend is to use these materials combined with real brass or colored aluminum. We know that not all of these materials come from China but we have a nice range of precious materials to make items in the idea of this trend. Small accent tables with black marble are popular, Jewel holders with a green marble base sought after and semi-precious stone details are spot on.